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5 Superfighters

5 Superfighters is a Shaw Brothers martial arts film about a kung fu expert who goes around to different schools correcting "bad kung fu".


Trouble arrives in town when a cloaked kung-fu expert sets about embarrassing local masters with his exceptional ability. After meeting a humble, unassuming master and his three eager students, the fighter continues his arrogant mission and leaves another few reputations in tatters. The defeated master stumbles away with his pupils, but is left shattered by his complete loss of face. It is this dejected state that persuades his three students to look for revenge against the mysterious wanderer. However, they are well aware of their limitations and decide to split up in the search for worthy masters.

The first avenger meets an eccentric Crane style master who easily beats him during a fight. After some persuasion, the master accepts the newcomer and decides to teach him the precise Crane movements. The second meets a bean curd seller and her blind father. An initial misunderstanding is turned into a teaching opportunity when the second student is taught legwork by the high-kicking woman. Finally, the third is given a chance to learn pole-fighting from a fisherman after a failed attempt to steal his fish. This opening animosity also turns into a fruitful teacher/student relationship. Meanwhile the original shamed master is also preparing his skills and, in between drinking bouts, sharpens up his swordplay skills. With each of the four now galvanized by this period of teaching, they are now ready to meet their tormentor.


Hau Chiu Sing – Master Wan
Tony Lung – Chang Tien
Austin Wai – Wang Fu Chung
Kuan Feng - Ma
Wu Yuan Chun – Chen Liu Chi

5 Fingers of Death

King Boxer aka Five Fingers of Death , is a martial arts film directed by Jeong Chang-hwa and starring Lo Lieh. Made in Hong Kong, it is one of many kung fu-themed movies with Lo Lieh in the lead. He appeared in many similar efforts from the 1960s, pre-dating the more internationally successful Bruce Lee.

Released in the USA in March of 1973, the film was responsible for beginning the North American kung fu film craze of the 1970s, though it is overshadowed by Enter the Dragon released later that same year. The film has a cult following in the U.S., and was referenced in Quentin Tarantino's film Kill Bill, which sampled the theme from the television series played during several of its fight scenes. The title of the movie was parodied in the "mockumentary" 18 Fingers of Death!, which pokes fun at martial arts movies.


The movie follows a promising young martial arts student named Chi-Hao. He has spent most of his life studying under a master and has fallen in love with the master's daughter Yin-Yin. After the master fails to properly fight off a group of thugs, he sends Chi-Hao to study under a superior master, Shen Chin-Pei. He instructs Chi-Hao to learn from Chin-Pei and defeat the local martial arts tyrant, Ming Dung-Shun, in an upcoming tournament in order to earn Yin-Yin's hand.

Chi-Hao meets a young female singer, Meng Tien-hsiun, on the road to the city and rescues her from Dung-Shun's thugs. She falls in love with him, but he resists her advances with difficulty. He reaches town and begins studying under Shen Chin-Pei. After an initial beating by Chin-Pei's star pupil, Han Lung, Chi-Hao improves rapidly. One day, another thug of Dung-Shun's, Chen Lang, breaks into the school and beats all of Chin-Pei's students. Chin-Pei finally arrives and fights him, but is struck by a dishonorable blow and severely wounded. Chi-Hao tracks Chen Lang down and defeats him. When Chin-Pei hears of this, he selects Chi-Hao to receive his most deadly secret, the Iron Fist.

Han Lung discovers that Chi-Hao has been chosen as Chin-Pei's successor and becomes intensely jealous. He conspires with Dung-Shun to have Chi-Hao crippled. He lures Chi-Hao into the forest, where Dung-Shun's three new Japanese thugs ambush him. They overpower him and break his hands. Later, they visit his old master's school and kill him as well. Meng Tien-hsiun helps Chi-Hao recuperate and again tries to woo him, but he resists her. Finally, Chi-Hao's fellow students locate him and encourage him to regain his fighting spirit. He begins training and soon overcomes his wounds. Yin-Yin arrives, but withholds the news of her father's death. A rejuvenated Chi-Hao successfully defeats all the other students to become Chin-Pei's representative for the upcoming tournament. Han Lung returns to Dung-Shun with the news, but Dung-Shun's son blinds him and casts him out.

On the day of the tournament, a conscience-stricken Chen Lang warns Chi-Hao of the three Japanese thugs lying in ambush on the road to the arena. Chi-Hao fights the thugs until Chen Lang arrives and holds them off so that Chi-Hao can get to the tournament on time. He arrives just in time and defeats Dung-Shun's son to win the tournament. Dung-Shun stabs Chin-Pei amongst the celebrations and departs. As Dung-Shun arrives back home, he discovers that all his lights are out. Han Lung appears in the darkened room and, guided by Meng Tien-hsiun's direction, fights Dung-Shun and his son. Wan Lang blinds the son, who is then stabbed by his father in the confusion. Dung-Shun bursts out of the dark room and summons his minions, who kill Han Lung and Meng Tien-hsiun.

Chi-Hao arrives at Dung Shun's house, but Dung-Shun flees and stabs himself before Chi-Hao can fight him. As he leaves, the chief Japanese thug arrives with Chen Lang's head. He and Chi-Lao face off. Chi-Hao uses his Iron Fist power, causing his hands to glow red, and delivers several powerful blows that send the thug smashing into a brick wall. The thug defeated, Chi-Hao collects Yin-Yin and departs.

2 Champions of Shaolin

2 Champions of Shaolin is a Shaw Brothers film directed by Chang Cheh. It is one of the Shaolin Temple themed martial arts films and feuds with the Wu Tang Clan starring the Venoms. Rumor mills suggest that a rift was occurring between Kuo Chui and Lu Feng over choreography credits in previous films thus they came to an agreement that Kuo Chui would sit out 2 Champions of Shaolin and Lu Feng will sit out a later film, thus giving the role usually filled by Kuo to Lo Mang.

The movie was digitally enhanced by Joseph Kahn for the Chemical Brothers' music video Get Yourself High.


"Two Champions Of Shaolin" follows the story of two young warriors from the rebel Shaolin Clan who are engaged in a deadly secret mission that could bring down the empire. Tung Chien-Chen is the “Shaolin Hercules”, who is sent from Shaolin to take revenge on the local Wu Tang experts. Yu Tai-Ping and Wang Li are the Wu Tang chiefs who attempt to kill Tung using Yu Tai’s throwing knives technique after meeting him in a restaurant. Tung barely escapes and meets up with Sun Chien and his sister who teach him a special kung fu to counter knives, he eventually meets up with Hu Wei-Chen who is another Shaolin student. Wei Sing-Hung is the son of a Ming general who was adopted by the Wu Tang, in his heart he supports Shaolin and he frequently questions why the Wu Tang support the Qing but is usually hushed quickly by his masters, his love interest is Wang Li's daughter played by Wen Hsueh-Erh.

Wang Li sends Yu to kill Tung but Tung, Sun Chien and Hu Wei-Chen end up killing him forcing the Wu Tang to take revenge. Tung plans to marry Sun Chien’s sister but after getting drunk and the wedding raided by the Wu Tang, Sun and his sister are killed, Tung is kidnapped and Hu Wei-Chen is too inebriated to help defend. Wei Sing secretly meets up with Hu Wei-Chen, then frees Tung and allows him to escape but is caught by Wen Hsueh Erh when he leaves his knife behind forcing a rift between them. Tung, realizing his wife is dead is down in the dumps and seems to have lost his will to fight until his brothers bring him back to reality. Tung and the other Shaolin men visit his wife’s grave and meet up with a “wandering scholar” and his 3 servants “who look like monkeys”, they immediately befriend Tung and Hu Wei-Chen occasionally bringing them food, gifts and wanting to discuss kung fu. Lu Feng is secretly a government official for the Qing who uses the monkey sword style and his servants use the monkey poles, they are planning to ambush the Shaolin men.

Wei Sing finds out about the Wu Tang and Lu Fengs plan and sides with Tung and Hu Wei-Chen, all the men up in a battle at a local tea house, Tung and Hu Wei-Chen kill Lu Feng and his servants and Wei Sing kills Wang Li. Hsueh Erh arrives just when Wei kills her father forcing Wei to kill himself.


Lu Feng – Wandering Scholar
Lo Mang – Tung Chien-Chen
Chiang Sheng – Hu Wei-Chen
Chin Siu-Hou – Wei Sing-Hung
Wang Li – Wu Tang boss
Yu Tai-Ping – Wu Tang knife expert
Sun Chien
Ching Li
Wen Hsueh Erh

The Empress Dowager

The Empress Dowager is a in the genre, directed by Li Han Hsiang.


Although the Empress Dowager, , of the Qing Dynasty had promised her nephew, Emperor that he had complete autonomy, he found that this was not the case as he attempted to exert his authority over corrupt eunuchs and officials who undermined him with the backing of the Empress Dowager. Young, inexperienced and without a strong cadre of loyal officials to support him, he tried to juggle affairs both public and private. His loveless marriage and dislike of the Empress further left him all the more bereft of any power lever. His only bright spark in a cold gloomy palace was his love for a new concubine and a young eunuch who wholeheartedly supported him.

Cast and roles

Empress Dowager Cixi - Lisa Lu
Empress - Ivy Ling Po
Emperor Guangxu - Ti Lung
Eunuch - David Chiang

Golden Horse Award

Best Actress : Lisa Lu
Best Supporting Actress : Ivy Ling Po

The Devil's Mirror

The Devil's Mirror is a Hong Kong film by the Shaw Brothers studio and the debut film of Sun Chung.. A kung fu film with some elements of horror, the film is based around a "Devil Girl", a witch who is intent on playing one clan off against another to get her hands on two mirrors which have supernatural powers. Only a noble swordsman played by Liu Tan and beautiful swordswoman played by The Thundering Sword star Shu Pei-pei can prevent her from achieving her evil goals.


Shu Pei Pei
Lau Dan
Lee Ga Sai
Wong Hap
Cheng Miu
Tung Lam
Chan Shen
Chai No
Lee Ho
Tong Tin Hei

The Crimson Palm

The Crimson Palm is a film directed by Chan Yau-San for Shaw Brothers.

The father of Lin Shao-teh, a high court official, has betrothed him to the daughter of millionaire Wang Chun. Lin's father dies and the Lin family is impoverished. Lin Shao-teh Ivy Ling Po has to work as a water carrier to support his mother. Wang Chun calls Shao-teh to his house, forces him to annul the betrothal in exchange for some silver. Shao-teh is deeply hurt, agrees to the annulment, but refuses the money.

Wang Chun's daughter, Chien-king , is a virtuous girl. When she hears about what her father has done, she refuses to obey him and vows to not marry anyone else. Chien-king sends her maid, Shuet Chun , to Shao-teh's house to console him. She also sends a parcel of clothes and some money. Shuet Chun tells Shao-teh to return to the Wang mansion that night to receive 100 taels of silver, as Chien-king wants to help Shao-teh with money enough to travel to take the Imperial exams. Shuet Chun also gives him a gold hairpin as a token for the messenger delivering the gold.


Ivy Ling Po
Chen Yan-Yan
Cheng Mui
Chin Ping

The Black Tavern

The Black Tavern is a Hong Kong Shaw Brothers sword action film directed by Teddy Yip. Taiwanese actress Shih Szu stars.


Shih Szu
Ku Feng
Dean Shek Tien
Tung Li
Wong Hap